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Glory Song | Charles H. Gabriel Glory Song (A♭) | Charles H. Gabriel, 1900 R
Sunbeam | Edwin O. Excell Sunbeam (G) | Edwin O. Excell, 1900
Does Jesus Care? | Joseph L. Hall Does Jesus Care? (D♭) | Joseph L. Hall, 1901 R
Higher Ground | Charles H. Gabriel Higher Ground (A♭) | Charles H. Gabriel, 1902 D
I Am Happy in Him | Edwin O. Excell I Am Happy in Him (E♭) | Edwin O. Excell, 1902
Precious to Me | Charles H. Gabriel Precious to Me (G) | Charles H. Gabriel, 1902 R
God Leads Us Along | George A. Young God Leads Us Along (D) | George A. Young, 1903 R
Make Me a Channel of Blessing | Harper G. Smith Make Me a Channel of Blessing (B♭) | Harper G. Smith, 1903 R
McAfee | Cleland B. McAfee McAfee (D) | Cleland B. McAfee, 1903
Help Somebody Today | Charles H. Gabriel Help Somebody Today (F) | Charles H. Gabriel, 1904
I'm Going Through | Herbert Buffum I’m Going Through (A♭) | Herbert Buffum, 1904 R
Nothing Between | Charles A. Tindley Nothing Between (F) | Charles A. Tindley, 1905 D
Sparrow | Charles H. Gabriel Sparrow (D♭) | Charles H. Gabriel, 1905
More Like the Master | Charles H. Gabriel More Like the Master (D♭) | Charles H. Gabriel, 1906 R
Way of the Cross | Charles H. Gabriel Way of the Cross (A♭) | Charles H. Gabriel, 1906 R
Adelaide | George C. Stebbins Adelaide (E♭) | George C. Stebbins, 1907
Come and Dine | Charles B. Widmeyer Come and Dine (C) | Charles B. Widmeyer, 1907 R
Come unto Me | Charles P. Jones Come unto Me (C) | Charles P. Jones, 1908 R
Gabriel | Charles H. Gabriel Gabriel (D♭) | Charles H. Gabriel, 1908 R
If Jesus Goes with Me | Charles A. Miles If Jesus Goes with Me (C) | Charles A. Miles, 1908 R
I've Pitched My Tent in Beulah | Margaret J. Harris I’ve Pitched My Tent in Beulah (D♭) | Margaret J. Harris, 1908
The Last Mile of the Way | William E. Marks The Last Mile of the Way (F) | William E. Marks, 1908
It Pays to Serve Jesus | Frank C. Huston It Pays to Serve Jesus (E♭) | Frank C. Huston, 1909 R