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Be Glad in the Lord | James McGranahan Be Glad in the Lord (B♭) | James McGranahan, 1907
Christ Liveth in Me | James McGranahan Christ Liveth in Me (G) | James McGranahan
Christ Returneth | James McGranahan Christ Returneth (D) | James McGranahan, 1906 R
El Nathan | James McGranahan El Nathan (D) | James McGranahan, 1883 R
Go Ye into All the World | James McGranahan Go Ye into All the World (A) | James McGranahan, 1886 R
Have Faith in God | James McGranahan Have Faith in God (F) | James McGranahan, 1887
He Will Hide Me | James McGranahan He Will Hide Me (G) | James McGranahan, 1882
Look unto Me | James McGranahan Look unto Me (D) | James McGranahan, 1885
My Redeemer | James McGranahan My Redeemer (A♭) | James McGranahan, 1877 D
None of Self and All of Thee | James McGranahan None of Self and All of Thee (C) | James McGranahan, 1886
Royal Banner | James McGranahan Royal Banner (B♭) | James McGranahan, 1884
Shall You? Shall I? | James McGranahan Shall You? Shall I? (F) | James McGranahan, 1887
Showers of Blessing | James McGranahan Showers of Blessing (B♭) | James McGranahan, 1883
Sometime We'll Understand | James McGranahan Sometime We’ll Understand (A♭) | James McGranahan, 1891 D
We Shall Run and Not Be Weary | Barney E. Warren We Shall Run and Not Be Weary (E♭) | Barney E. Warren, 1893