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A New Touch of Fire | Lelia N. Morris A New Touch of Fire (A♭) | Lelia N. Morris, 1912
At the Battle's Front | Lelia N. Morris At the Battle’s Front (F) | Lelia N. Morris, 1906 R
Called unto Holiness | Lelia N. Morris Called unto Holiness (A♭) | Lelia N. Morris, 1900
Can the World See Jesus in You? | Lelia N. Morris Can the World See Jesus in You? (B♭) | Lelia N. Morris, 1917
For a Worldwide Revival | Lelia N. Morris For a Worldwide Revival (C) | Lelia N. Morris, 1910 D
Hallelujah for the Blood | Lelia N. Morris Hallelujah for the Blood (E♭) | Lelia N. Morris, 1899
Have Ye Received the Holy Ghost? | Lelia N. Morris Have Ye Received the Holy Ghost? (A♭) | Lelia N. Morris, 1897
I Know God's Promise Is True | Lelia N. Morris I Know God’s Promise Is True (G) | Lelia N. Morris, 1899
In His Keeping | Lelia N. Morris In His Keeping (F) | Lelia N. Morris, 1898
McConnelsville | Lelia N. Morris McConnelsville (A♭) | Lelia N. Morris, 1898
Nearer, Still Nearer | Lelia N. Morris Nearer, Still Nearer (D♭) | Lelia N. Morris, 1898
Sweeter as the Years Go By | Lelia N. Morris Sweeter as the Years Go By (B♭) | Lelia N. Morris, 1912
Sweet Will of God | Lelia N. Morris Sweet Will of God (B♭) | Lelia N. Morris, 1900 D
The Fight Is On | Lelia N. Morris The Fight Is On (C) | Lelia N. Morris, 1905 R
The Stranger of Galilee | Lelia N. Morris The Stranger of Galilee (F) | Lelia N. Morris, 1893 D
'Tis Good to Live in Canaan | Lelia N. Morris ’Tis Good to Live in Canaan (D♭) | Lelia N. Morris, 1910
'Tis Marvelous and Wonderful | Lelia N. Morris ’Tis Marvelous and Wonderful (B♭) | Lelia N. Morris, 1919 R
Vessels | Lelia N. Morris Vessels (D) | Lelia N. Morris, 1912
Victory All the Time | Lelia N. Morris Victory All the Time (G) | Lelia N. Morris, 1901 R