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God Rest You Merry | English melody God Rest You Merry (Em) | English melody
God Save the Queen | English melody God Save the Queen (F) | English melody, 1744
Greensleeves | English melody Greensleeves (Em) | English melody
Lew Trenchard | English melody Lew Trenchard (C) | English melody
Royal Oak | English melody Royal Oak (G) | English melody, 1686 D
Speak, Savior, Speak | English melody Speak, Savior, Speak (A) | English melody, 1887 D
Sussex Carol | English melody Sussex Carol (F) | English melody, 1912
Terra Beata | English melody Terra Beata (E♭) | English melody, 1915 D
The First Noel | English melody The First Noel (D) | English melody, 1833 R