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Remembering Christ's Birth

December 1, 2017

Remembering Christ’s Birth | Mark P. Spinks, 2017 Christmas
Each of the characters God used in recording the events around Jesus' birth have their precious story.... God's dealings with each of these Bible figures offers a wealth of insights that He will apply to our own lives if we take the time to study and ponder.
Not Looking, but Trusting

May 1, 2009

Not Looking, but Trusting | William J. Harney, 1915 Prayer
Elijah would not... look at surroundings and circumstances. To look would have meant discouragement; to look would have defeated God's purpose... to look would have meant the loss of all. So he covered up his "lookers," and just would not look.
Treasures of the Kingdom, Number 41 (Winter 2007)

March 1, 2007

Treasures of the Kingdom, Number 41 (Winter 2007) | Timeless Truths Publications, 2007 Vision
Ernie didn't feel like doing a good job.... This time, Ernie thought, I'm going to take every shortcut that I can. He drove up at the house site. It was the most beautiful place that Ernie had ever seen for a house. But Ernie did not feel beautiful inside.
Songs and Stories: Book 2

November 27, 2004

Songs and Stories: Book 2 | Various, 2004 Story
"Everybody can't be like Christopher Columbus, Mama." "Maybe not, my dear boy, but everyone can imitate Christ. Wicked men... mocked Him, blindfolded Him, and smote Him in the face.... If you will pray to Christ, He will make you a brave, manly Christian."