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I Am Coming to the Cross | William G. Fischer I Am Coming to the Cross (G) | William G. Fischer, 1871
St. Gertrude | Arthur S. Sullivan St. Gertrude (E♭) | Arthur S. Sullivan, 1871
Wondrous Love | William G. Fischer Wondrous Love (E♭) | William G. Fischer, 1873
Christ Arose | Robert Lowry Christ Arose (C) | Robert Lowry, 1874
Evergreen Plain | Isaiah Baltzell Evergreen Plain (E♭) | Isaiah Baltzell, 1874
It Is Better Farther On | L. Thompson It Is Better Farther On (G) | L. Thompson, 1875 D
Pax Tecum | George T. Caldbeck Pax Tecum (C) | George T. Caldbeck, 1876 10.10
Ville du Havre | Philip P. Bliss Ville du Havre (D♭) | Philip P. Bliss, 1876 R
The City of Light | Aldine S. Kieffer The City of Light (F) | Aldine S. Kieffer, 1877 D