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Anointed | H. R. Jeffrey Anointed (B♭) | H. R. Jeffrey, 1885
Down in the Garden | H. R. Jeffrey Down in the Garden (B♭) | H. R. Jeffrey, 1885
Plunge into the Fountain | H. R. Jeffrey Plunge into the Fountain (E♭) | H. R. Jeffrey, 1885
'Tis Better Felt than Told | H. R. Jeffrey ’Tis Better Felt than Told (F) | H. R. Jeffrey, 1885 D
'Twas Love That Found Out Me | H. R. Jeffrey ’Twas Love That Found Out Me (A♭) | H. R. Jeffrey, 1885
Will You Come? (Catlin) | H. R. Jeffrey Will You Come? (Catlin) (F) | H. R. Jeffrey, 1885 D