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Jesus, Help Me | Charles H. Gabriel Jesus, Help Me (E) | Charles H. Gabriel, 1893
Jesus' Little Ones | Charles H. Gabriel Jesus’ Little Ones (A♭) | Charles H. Gabriel, 1893 D
Little Branches | Charles H. Gabriel Little Branches (A) | Charles H. Gabriel, 1893
Song of the Savior | Charles H. Gabriel Song of the Savior (G) | Charles H. Gabriel, 1893
The Savior's Invitation | Charles H. Gabriel The Savior’s Invitation (B♭) | Charles H. Gabriel, 1893
What I Would Not Be | Charles H. Gabriel What I Would Not Be (F) | Charles H. Gabriel, 1893
What Would Come to Pass? | Charles H. Gabriel What Would Come to Pass? (C) | Charles H. Gabriel, 1893
He Shall Gather the Lambs | James H. Robinson He Shall Gather the Lambs (B♭) | James H. Robinson, 1895
Let the Sunshine In | Charles H. Gabriel Let the Sunshine In (A♭) | Charles H. Gabriel, 1895
Be Careful | Charles H. Gabriel Be Careful (F) | Charles H. Gabriel, 1896
Little Things | Charles H. Gabriel Little Things (G) | Charles H. Gabriel, 1896
We Are Coming | James H. Fillmore We Are Coming (C) | James H. Fillmore, 1897
Following Him | Charles M. Fillmore Following Him (D) | Charles M. Fillmore, 1898
Let Him Have His Way with Thee | Cyrus S. Nusbaum Let Him Have His Way with Thee (G) | Cyrus S. Nusbaum, 1898 R
Handle with Care | Charles H. Gabriel Handle with Care (C) | Charles H. Gabriel, 1899
Here Am I | H. A. Henry Here Am I (G) | H. A. Henry, 1899
Jesus Hears Me | Charles H. Gabriel Jesus Hears Me (G) | Charles H. Gabriel, 1899
Like Jesus (Ulmer) | Oran Williams Like Jesus (Ulmer) (A♭) | Oran Williams, 1899 D
Step by Step | Charles H. Gabriel Step by Step (E♭) | Charles H. Gabriel, 1899