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A Beautiful Life | William M. Golden A Beautiful Life (C) | William M. Golden, 1918 D
Angel Band | William B. Bradbury Angel Band (C) | William B. Bradbury, 1862
Assam | Hindustani melody Assam (C) | Hindustani melody R
At Calvary | Daniel B. Towner At Calvary (C) | Daniel B. Towner, 1895
Come and Dine | Charles B. Widmeyer Come and Dine (C) | Charles B. Widmeyer, 1907 R
Come unto Me | Charles P. Jones Come unto Me (C) | Charles P. Jones, 1908 R
Heaven | Emily D. Wilson Heaven (C) | Emily D. Wilson, 1898
If Jesus Goes with Me | Charles A. Miles If Jesus Goes with Me (C) | Charles A. Miles, 1908 R
It Is Truly Wonderful | Barney E. Warren It Is Truly Wonderful (C) | Barney E. Warren, 1897
None of Self and All of Thee | James McGranahan None of Self and All of Thee (C) | James McGranahan, 1886
The Great Judgment Morning | Leander L. Pickett The Great Judgment Morning (C) | Leander L. Pickett, 1894 D
When I See the Blood | John G. Foote When I See the Blood (C) | John G. Foote, 1892
Whispering Hope | Septimus Winner Whispering Hope (C) | Septimus Winner, 1868 D R