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Plainfield | Robert Lowry Plainfield (F) | Robert Lowry, 1876 R
Praise Him! Praise Him! | Chester G. Allen Praise Him! Praise Him! (A♭) | Chester G. Allen, 1869 D
Pray the Clouds Away | J. E. Marsh Pray the Clouds Away (G) | J. E. Marsh, 1938
Precious Name | William H. Doane Precious Name (A♭) | William H. Doane, 1871
Precious to Me | Charles H. Gabriel Precious to Me (G) | Charles H. Gabriel, 1902 R
Press on, My Soul, to Glory | Naomi L. Eddens Press on, My Soul, to Glory (B♭) | Naomi L. Eddens, 1965 R
Providence (Stebbins) | George C. Stebbins Providence (Stebbins) (D) | George C. Stebbins, 1878 D