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Oh, Say, but I'm Glad | Mildred E. Sullivan Oh, Say, but I’m Glad (D) | Mildred E. Sullivan, 1930
God Is So Good | Velna A. Ledin God Is So Good (E♭) | Velna A. Ledin, 1933
The Great Judgment Morning (Winsett) | Robert E. Winsett The Great Judgment Morning (Winsett) (A) | Robert E. Winsett, 1934 D
A New Creature | Lloyd O. Sanderson A New Creature (A♭) | Lloyd O. Sanderson, 1935
Be With Me, Lord | Lloyd O. Sanderson Be With Me, Lord (E♭) | Lloyd O. Sanderson, 1935
Battle Song of the Church | Andrew L. Byers Battle Song of the Church (F) | Andrew L. Byers, 1936 D
I Would Not Have My Way | Andrew L. Byers I Would Not Have My Way (F) | Andrew L. Byers, 1936 D
Let Us Be One | Andrew L. Byers Let Us Be One (F) | Andrew L. Byers, 1936
Returning to Zion | Andrew L. Byers Returning to Zion (F) | Andrew L. Byers, 1907
Shine in Me | W. Dale Oldham Shine in Me (D♭) | W. Dale Oldham, 1936
Hold Fast to the Right | James D. Vaughan Hold Fast to the Right (G) | James D. Vaughan, 1906
Pray the Clouds Away | J. E. Marsh Pray the Clouds Away (G) | J. E. Marsh, 1938