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O Day So Wondrous | Harold Marlow O Day So Wondrous (C) | Harold Marlow, 1899 D R
Sing with Tuneful Lay | Frank L. Bristow Sing with Tuneful Lay (F) | Frank L. Bristow, 1889 R
Judas Maccabeus | Judas Maccabeus (E♭) | , 1747 R
Keep Me Near the Cross | Samuel L. Speck Keep Me Near the Cross (F) | Samuel L. Speck, 1897
O Precious Savior! | Barney E. Warren O Precious Savior! (E♭) | Barney E. Warren, 1897
Joy Song | Gideon Hess Joy Song (Dm) | Gideon Hess, 2019