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Are We Downhearted? | Robert Harkness Are We Downhearted? (G) | Robert Harkness, 1914
Go Home and Tell | Robert Harkness Go Home and Tell (F) | Robert Harkness, 1905 D
His Loving Thought | Robert Harkness His Loving Thought (F) | Robert Harkness, 1907 D
Hyfrydol (3) | Rowland H. Prichard Hyfrydol (3) (F) | Rowland H. Prichard, 1830 D
Just Where I Am | Robert Harkness Just Where I Am (E♭) | Robert Harkness, 1908
No Burdens Yonder | Robert Harkness No Burdens Yonder (B♭) | Robert Harkness, 1906
What Will It Be? | Robert Harkness What Will It Be? (A♭) | Robert Harkness, 1909
Will You Take Jesus Today? | Robert Harkness Will You Take Jesus Today? (A♭) | Robert Harkness, 1910