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An Appeal to the Sinner | Barney E. Warren An Appeal to the Sinner (F) | Barney E. Warren, 1907 R
Missionary Hymn | Lowell Mason Missionary Hymn (E♭) | Lowell Mason, 1823
Satisfied with Jesus | E. G. Masters Satisfied with Jesus (A♭) | E. G. Masters, 1897
The Gospel Trumpet | Clarence E. Hunter The Gospel Trumpet (B♭) | Clarence E. Hunter, 1900
Webb | George J. Webb Webb (B♭) | George J. Webb, 1830
Resting in Jesus | Barney E. Warren Resting in Jesus (A♭) | Barney E. Warren, 1893
Hankey | William G. Fischer Hankey (A♭) | William G. Fischer, 1869
Crucified for Me | Barney E. Warren Crucified for Me (E♭) | Barney E. Warren, 1900
The Harvest Call | Andrew L. Byers The Harvest Call (G) | Andrew L. Byers, 1897 D
Balm in Gilead | Barney E. Warren Balm in Gilead (F) | Barney E. Warren, 1911