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A Song of Praise | William J. Henry A Song of Praise (E♭) | William J. Henry, 1897 D
At the Cross (Henry) | William J. Henry At the Cross (Henry) (E) | William J. Henry, 1907 R
He Is Waiting | William J. Henry He Is Waiting (D) | William J. Henry, 1897 D
I Cannot Be Idle | William J. Henry I Cannot Be Idle (G) | William J. Henry, 1897 R
I'll Follow Jesus | William J. Henry I’ll Follow Jesus (A) | William J. Henry, 1900
I'll Not Be Afraid | William J. Henry I’ll Not Be Afraid (G) | William J. Henry, 1907 D
I'm Glad I Counted the Cost | William J. Henry I’m Glad I Counted the Cost (E) | William J. Henry, 1907 R
In His Pavilion Hiding | William J. Henry In His Pavilion Hiding (G) | William J. Henry, 1900 D
I've Enlisted in the Service | William J. Henry I’ve Enlisted in the Service (G) | William J. Henry, 1903
The Highway of the King | William J. Henry The Highway of the King (G) | William J. Henry, 1907
Washed Whiter than the Snow | William J. Henry Washed Whiter than the Snow (D) | William J. Henry, 1907