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Laban | Lowell Mason Laban (C) | Lowell Mason, 1830
Lawson | James L. Elginburg Lawson (A♭) | James L. Elginburg, 1871 D
Leaning on the Arms of Jesus | Barney E. Warren Leaning on the Arms of Jesus (E) | Barney E. Warren, 1897
Learning of My Savior | Andrew L. Byers Learning of My Savior (A♭) | Andrew L. Byers, 1893 D
Let Him In | Barney E. Warren Let Him In (D) | Barney E. Warren, 1893 R
Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled | Barney E. Warren Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled (C) | Barney E. Warren, 1900
Let the Little One Sleep | Barney E. Warren Let the Little One Sleep (F) | Barney E. Warren, 1907
Let Your Light Shine | Barney E. Warren Let Your Light Shine (G) | Barney E. Warren, 1900 R
Light Breaks at Last | Daniel O. Teasley Light Breaks at Last (G♭) | Daniel O. Teasley, 1907 R
Like a Rock in the Billows | Barney E. Warren Like a Rock in the Billows (A♭) | Barney E. Warren, 1900
Looking for Me | William J. Kirkpatrick Looking for Me (A♭) | William J. Kirkpatrick, 1887
Lord Jesus, Help Me | Daniel O. Teasley Lord Jesus, Help Me (C) | Daniel O. Teasley, 1907
Lost Forever | Barney E. Warren Lost Forever (A♭) | Barney E. Warren, 1893 R
Louder, Louder | Allie R. Fisher Louder, Louder (E♭) | Allie R. Fisher, 1885 D
Love Each Other | Andrew L. Byers Love Each Other (E♭) | Andrew L. Byers, 1900 D
Love Is Freedom's Law | Amanda L. Speck Love Is Freedom’s Law (A♭) | Amanda L. Speck, 1888 D
Loving-Kindness | William Caldwell Loving-Kindness (G) | William Caldwell, 1831
Low at His Feet | Barney E. Warren Low at His Feet (A) | Barney E. Warren, 1883
Lux Benigna | John B. Dykes Lux Benigna (A♭) | John B. Dykes, 1865