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Be Careful | Charles H. Gabriel Be Careful (F) | Charles H. Gabriel, 1896
The Jewels for Me | Joel A. Erickson The Jewels for Me (E♭) | Joel A. Erickson, 2009
Let the Sunshine In | Charles H. Gabriel Let the Sunshine In (A♭) | Charles H. Gabriel, 1895
Mueller (2) | James R. Murray Mueller (2) (F) | James R. Murray, 1887
Handle with Care | Charles H. Gabriel Handle with Care (C) | Charles H. Gabriel, 1899
Onward, Little Soldiers | Martin A. Elliott Onward, Little Soldiers (F) | Martin A. Elliott, 1902
Yield Not to Temptation | Horatio R. Palmer Yield Not to Temptation (A♭) | Horatio R. Palmer, 1868
Little Raindrops | John S. Fearis Little Raindrops (G) | John S. Fearis, 1902