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Gabriel | Charles H. Gabriel Gabriel (D♭) | Charles H. Gabriel, 1908 R
Garden | Charles A. Miles Garden (A♭) | Charles A. Miles, 1913 R
Glorious Freedom | Alfred Judson Glorious Freedom (E♭) | Alfred Judson, 1917 D
Glory Song | Charles H. Gabriel Glory Song (A♭) | Charles H. Gabriel, 1900 R
God Leads Us Along | George A. Young God Leads Us Along (D) | George A. Young, 1903 R
God Will Take Care of You (Martin) | Walter S. Martin God Will Take Care of You (Martin) (B♭) | Walter S. Martin
Goodbye, Old World, I'm Through | Herbert Buffum Goodbye, Old World, I’m Through (A♭) | Herbert Buffum, 1924 D