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Do You See Him? | Joel A. Erickson Do You See Him? (C) | Joel A. Erickson, 2007
Song of the Savior | Charles H. Gabriel Song of the Savior (G) | Charles H. Gabriel, 1893
The Savior's Invitation | Charles H. Gabriel The Savior’s Invitation (B♭) | Charles H. Gabriel, 1893
We Are Coming | James H. Fillmore We Are Coming (C) | James H. Fillmore, 1897
Little Soldiers | Charles H. Gabriel Little Soldiers (E♭) | Charles H. Gabriel, 1906 D
Barnard | Charlotte A. Barnard Barnard (F) | Charlotte A. Barnard, 1864 D R
Enlistment (2) | Joel A. Erickson Enlistment (2) (B♭) | Joel A. Erickson, 2007 D R
Open the Door | Joel A. Erickson Open the Door (C) | Joel A. Erickson, 2003 D R