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You Ought to Sing | Ella V. Phillips You Ought to Sing (G) | Ella V. Phillips, 1987 R
Jesus Loves You | Barney E. Warren Jesus Loves You (F) | Barney E. Warren, 1901 R
Beautiful Home | Barney E. Warren Beautiful Home (G♭) | Barney E. Warren, 1893 R
Davis | Freeman Lewis Davis (D♭) | Freeman Lewis, 1813
He Hideth My Soul | William J. Kirkpatrick He Hideth My Soul (D) | William J. Kirkpatrick, 1890 R
I Cannot Be Idle | William J. Henry I Cannot Be Idle (G) | William J. Henry, 1897 R
Kept by the Power of God | Barney E. Warren Kept by the Power of God (A) | Barney E. Warren, 1893 R
Living by Faith | J. L. Heath Living by Faith (E♭) | J. L. Heath, 1918 R
Santa Cruz | Ella B. Bishop Santa Cruz (E♭) | Ella B. Bishop, 1897 R
Thy Children Are Gathering Home | Charles W. Naylor Thy Children Are Gathering Home (G) | Charles W. Naylor, 1907 R
Waves of Devotion | Barney E. Warren Waves of Devotion (D) | Barney E. Warren, 1911 R
When Jesus Comes Again | James W. Gaines When Jesus Comes Again (B♭) | James W. Gaines, 1923 R
Bright Jewels | Barney E. Warren Bright Jewels (E♭) | Barney E. Warren, 1903
That Wicked One Toucheth Him Not | Charles W. Naylor That Wicked One Toucheth Him Not (B♭) | Charles W. Naylor, 1897
Look and Live | William A. Ogden Look and Live (G) | William A. Ogden, 1887 R
Profit and Loss | George W. McMillan Profit and Loss (F) | George W. McMillan R
Nearer the Lord | Clarence E. Hunter Nearer the Lord (G) | Clarence E. Hunter, 1907 D
How Sweet Is My Rest | Andrew L. Byers How Sweet Is My Rest (B♭) | Andrew L. Byers, 1907