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The Last Great Day | Barney E. Warren The Last Great Day (E♭) | Barney E. Warren, 1893
Ballerma | Francois H. Barthelemon Ballerma (B♭) | Francois H. Barthelemon, 1833
New Britain | Anonymous/Unknown New Britain (G) | Anonymous/Unknown, 1829
Savior, Lead Me | Clarence E. Hunter Savior, Lead Me (C) | Clarence E. Hunter, 1900
I Am from Sin Set Free | H. R. Jeffrey I Am from Sin Set Free (G♭) | H. R. Jeffrey, 1885
Too Late to Pray | Anonymous/Unknown Too Late to Pray (A♭) | Anonymous/Unknown
A Song of Joy | Daniel O. Teasley A Song of Joy (D) | Daniel O. Teasley, 1898
Draw Me Close to Thee | W. H. Oldham Draw Me Close to Thee (G) | W. H. Oldham, 1909
Christ in Gethsemane | Anonymous/Unknown Christ in Gethsemane (D) | Anonymous/Unknown, 1897
O Thou Gentle Spirit | Barney E. Warren O Thou Gentle Spirit (F) | Barney E. Warren, 1893
Come, Jesus, Reign in Me | H. R. Jeffrey Come, Jesus, Reign in Me (A♭) | H. R. Jeffrey, 1885
Watch, for the Savior Is Coming | Barney E. Warren Watch, for the Savior Is Coming (C) | Barney E. Warren, 1893
Blessed Fountain of Blood | Daniel O. Teasley Blessed Fountain of Blood (E) | Daniel O. Teasley, 1900
Cleansing Fountain | American melody Cleansing Fountain (B♭) | American melody, 1874
Give Me Jesus Alone | Daniel O. Teasley Give Me Jesus Alone (D) | Daniel O. Teasley, 1907
Bear the Cross | Barney E. Warren Bear the Cross (C) | Barney E. Warren, 1893
Behold What Love | Daniel O. Teasley Behold What Love (G) | Daniel O. Teasley, 1900
The Last Call | Daniel O. Teasley The Last Call (F) | Daniel O. Teasley, 1907
Not Made with Hands | Ella V. Phillips Not Made with Hands (A♭) | Ella V. Phillips, 1949
Farewell to Sin | Barney E. Warren Farewell to Sin (A♭) | Barney E. Warren, 1893
A Hymn of Morning Praise | Clarence E. Hunter A Hymn of Morning Praise (A) | Clarence E. Hunter, 1900 D
Be Ready, All | H. R. Jeffrey Be Ready, All (A♭) | H. R. Jeffrey, 1885 D
Consecration | Andrew L. Byers Consecration (B) | Andrew L. Byers, 1907 D
Endearing Lord | Barney E. Warren Endearing Lord (A) | Barney E. Warren, 1897 D
His Voice I Hear | Barney E. Warren His Voice I Hear (E♭) | Barney E. Warren, 1907 D
Hope of the Righteous | John S. Byers Hope of the Righteous (A♭) | John S. Byers, 1888 D
Humility | Clarence E. Hunter Humility (G) | Clarence E. Hunter, 1897 D
I Give My All to Thee | Barney E. Warren I Give My All to Thee (F) | Barney E. Warren, 1893 D
I Have a Hope | Andrew L. Byers I Have a Hope (B♭) | Andrew L. Byers, 1907 D
I Know | Andrew L. Byers I Know (F) | Andrew L. Byers, 1919 D
One Thing I Can Do | Ora H. Teasley One Thing I Can Do (E) | Ora H. Teasley, 1907 D
The Angel Choir | Barney E. Warren The Angel Choir (A♭) | Barney E. Warren, 1888 D
The Bride of Christ | Andrew L. Byers The Bride of Christ (A♭) | Andrew L. Byers, 1907 D
The Half Not Told | Ralph E. Hudson The Half Not Told (C) | Ralph E. Hudson, 1879 D
Thinking, Lord, of Thee | Clarence E. Hunter Thinking, Lord, of Thee (B) | Clarence E. Hunter, 1900 D
'Tis Well with Me | Andrew L. Byers ’Tis Well with Me (E♭) | Andrew L. Byers, 1907 D
Within the Rock | Barney E. Warren Within the Rock (D) | Barney E. Warren, 1900 D
Won by Dying Love | Daniel S. Warner Won by Dying Love (A♭) | Daniel S. Warner, 1888 D
Go Forth | Barney E. Warren Go Forth (E♭) | Barney E. Warren, 1897 D
Never Alone | Anonymous/Unknown Never Alone (B♭) | Anonymous/Unknown, 1895 R
Salvation Is the Sweetest Thing | Barney E. Warren Salvation Is the Sweetest Thing (A♭) | Barney E. Warren, 1893
His Yoke Is Easy | Barney E. Warren His Yoke Is Easy (D♭) | Barney E. Warren, 1893
Without Spot and Blameless | Clarence E. Hunter Without Spot and Blameless (B) | Clarence E. Hunter, 1897
Faith | Barney E. Warren Faith (G♭) | Barney E. Warren, 1893
Jesus Makes Me Whole | Barney E. Warren Jesus Makes Me Whole (E♭) | Barney E. Warren, 1893
The Temple of God | Barney E. Warren The Temple of God (A) | Barney E. Warren, 1893
Be Not Afraid | Barney E. Warren Be Not Afraid (E♭) | Barney E. Warren, 1907 R
Oh, Praise the Lord! | Barney E. Warren Oh, Praise the Lord! (C) | Barney E. Warren, 1900