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A New Creature | Lloyd O. Sanderson A New Creature (A♭) | Lloyd O. Sanderson, 1935
Anywhere Is Home | Homer F. Morris Anywhere Is Home (A♭) | Homer F. Morris R
Are You Washed in the Blood? | Elisha A. Hoffman Are You Washed in the Blood? (A♭) | Elisha A. Hoffman, 1878 R
El Paso | Charles D. Tillman El Paso (A♭) | Charles D. Tillman, 1890 D
Evan | William H. Havergal Evan (A♭) | William H. Havergal, 1847
Foundation | American melody Foundation (A♭) | American melody, 1832
Garden | Charles A. Miles Garden (A♭) | Charles A. Miles, 1913 R
Glory Song | Charles H. Gabriel Glory Song (A♭) | Charles H. Gabriel, 1900 R
Goodbye, Old World, I'm Through | Herbert Buffum Goodbye, Old World, I’m Through (A♭) | Herbert Buffum, 1924 D
Higher Ground | Charles H. Gabriel Higher Ground (A♭) | Charles H. Gabriel, 1902 D
I'm Going Through | Herbert Buffum I’m Going Through (A♭) | Herbert Buffum, 1904 R
I Shall Know Him | John R. Sweney I Shall Know Him (A♭) | John R. Sweney, 1891 R
Joyful Song | Chester G. Allen Joyful Song (A♭) | Chester G. Allen, 1869 D
Maitland | George N. Allen Maitland (A♭) | George N. Allen, 1844
Need | Robert Lowry Need (A♭) | Robert Lowry, 1872 10.10 R
Open My Eyes, That I May See | Clara H. Scott Open My Eyes, That I May See (A♭) | Clara H. Scott, 1895 R
Precious Memories | John B. F. Wright Precious Memories (A♭) | John B. F. Wright, 1925 D
Showalter | Anthony J. Showalter Showalter (A♭) | Anthony J. Showalter, 1887
Sweeney | John R. Sweney Sweeney (A♭) | John R. Sweney, 1887
Sweetest Name | Luther B. Bridgers Sweetest Name (A♭) | Luther B. Bridgers, 1910 R
The Haven of Rest | George D. Moore The Haven of Rest (A♭) | George D. Moore R
The Ninety and Nine | Ira D. Sankey The Ninety and Nine (A♭) | Ira D. Sankey, 1874
The Touch of His Hand on Mine | Henry P. Morton The Touch of His Hand on Mine (A♭) | Henry P. Morton R
To God Be the Glory (Crosby) | William H. Doane To God Be the Glory (Crosby) (A♭) | William H. Doane, 1875
Trust in Jesus | William J. Kirkpatrick Trust in Jesus (A♭) | William J. Kirkpatrick, 1882 D
Way of the Cross | Charles H. Gabriel Way of the Cross (A♭) | Charles H. Gabriel, 1906 R
Yes, I Know! | Anna W. Waterman Yes, I Know! (A♭) | Anna W. Waterman, 1920
Yes, I Know! (2) | Anna W. Waterman Yes, I Know! (2) (A♭) | Anna W. Waterman, 1920
Yield Not to Temptation | Horatio R. Palmer Yield Not to Temptation (A♭) | Horatio R. Palmer, 1868